Welcome to the new Horse Academy! If it is your first time logging in you will be asked to enter a name and pick a nationality. Your nations flag will display in chat and in races so everyone knows which country you are representing! After choosing a country the Ranch Goals screen will appear. Completing ranch goals is a great way to learn about the game while getting prizes!

Let's start with completing the 'Place Your Horse' ranch goal! To do this hit START GOAL under your place your horse. You will be then taken to a screen that tells you how to complete this goal in more detail. Once you're ready hit the START RANCH GOAL! bottom right of the window. Touch the basic stables on the screen (the only building currently in your ranch, hit to visit the stable and then hit an empty space in the stable. Then hit the picture of your horse on the select a horse screen. Congratulations you have just placed a Horse in a Stable! Now touch the stable against, hit visit and go and visit the horse in the stable!

In the stable you can see lots of information about your Horse. We'll cover how to look after your Horse in the Caring for your Horse section! For now keep going through the Ranch Goals by clicking on the start icon at the bottom of the screen, these will teach you all the basics about what Horse Academy has to offer. If you are ever confused or lost just jump into the chat (by pressing the chat icon at the bottom) and ask for help!


Now that you know how to get around your ranch it is time to race! To race hit the compete button at the top right of the screen. The select a horse screen will pop up from here you can choose which horse to race. Pick a horse then you'll be presented with different race options, note that some of these options will be locked until you have completed specific ranch challenges.

Flat Race - A flat race can be on grass, sand or mud. The race will be generally be fairly short so stamina is not a huge issue in these races. These types of races are great for a quick race to quickly gain XP for your horse.
Jumps Race - A jumps race as the name suggestions includes jumps. The races are normally longer than a flat race and can be on grass, sand or mud.
Time Trial - A time trial race is a true test of your horses speed. In a time trial you race against the best set time, on the track the Horse with the fastest time will run at the pace it set. Beat that horse to set a new record! Flat track bullies tend to flourish in time trials, to find out if you have a flat track bully visit your horse in the stable and check out its personality.
Championship - Up to 64 players can enter a championship. Race through 4 rounds (including the final) to win the championship. To progress to the next round you need to race your horse into the top 4 of the heat. Each Championship has a unique setting so make sure you read the description before you enter. Most championships have been sponsored and named by real players in the game!
Showjumping - Showjumping is brand new to Horse Academy. In showjumping you must get round the course in the fastest time while incurring the fewest penalties. The faster you go the less control you'll have with jumping, but if you go too slowly you'll not get the fastest time!

For now choose the flat race. You will be taken to the pre race lobby. Here you can see what other players have joined the race and you can chat before the race starts. If the race doesn't fill up AI will take the remaining free slots.

Now that the race is ready to start you will see the race interface pop up. At the top you will see two bars. The left bar represents the horses speed, when your horse races to its potential the green bar will fill, when this happens your horse has reached its current max speed. The red bar represents the Horses stamina. You have the most stamina when the red bar is full.

Before the race starts the jockey will give you some feedback as to what the horses feeling, the higher the intelligence of the jockey (go to the jockey section to learn more about this) the better the feedback will be - your jockey will not be able to offer you any feedback if he is really dumb!

When the race starts you can control your horse by either whipping or easing (the buttons bottom right) be careful about whipping your horse too much as this will make the stamina run out really quickly so try to save the whipping for crucial points of the race. If your stamina gets low ease off to regain some, you do not want to be going into the final few furlongs with no stamina.

You can change the camera angle by hitting the camera icon in the bottom left. Cycle through all the camera angles to find your favourite!

Congratulations you now know all the basics of racing, now it's time to start winning some races! As always if you're unclear on anything be sure to ask politely in chat and a friendly member of the community will be happy to help!


One of the best things about Horse Academy is the community. The game has a thriving and friendly horse loving community. The game has a thriving and friendly horse loving community. Join the chat in the bottom left of the screen and introduce yourself to some new friends. The game creators (Andrew & Jonathan Starnes) hang out in chat quite often so if you have any issues or questions please don't hesitate to ask them.

Rules and Etiquette

To create an environment that is enjoyable to all we ask players to follow these rules.

No abusive language or swearing.
No bullying or name calling.
No all caps lock sentences.
No trading without permission.
No asking for private information.
No flooding chat.
No scamming.
No talk on religion or politics.
We ask all players to speak in English so that our moderators can keep everyone safe as we don't understand all languages.

Horse Academy Slang

If you're feeling a bit lost in chat because you don't understand some words or phrases, fear not because here's a list of some of the quirky words that appear in Horse Academy chat.

Tps = Talent Points
PP = Perfect Placement
TL = Traditional Layout
SJ = Showjumper
C = Controllability
Non TL = Non Traditional Layout
T = Trade