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Base: Ghost
Base Color: Flamingo Pink
Mane & Tail: Fjord Set
Mane & Tail Color: White
Accessories: Unicorn Horn
Accessories Color: White
Markings: Ghost
Skins: Ghost
Markings Color: Ghost Flamingo Pink
Skins Color: Ghost
Order of Markings and Skin:
Name of "Creator" (Aka. you): Kameron Smith
Do you want this to be made via joinme?: Sure.
Other: Can you also FAcebook message me at JJ Smith.

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These are amazing!!
Beautiful job :)
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Re-opening this - have had too much to do lately to concentrate on these.

Those of you who have orders posted that hasn't been made, please post them again - I will only consider posts made *after* this one to be in need of making ;) This makes it easier for me and Lisse to figure it out without sifting through several pages of posts.
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Can I have one edited a bit? :) I'm looking at the last one you made me, and kind of want to change him a bit if you're still up for doing this ^^

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Screenshot_2016-11-02-17-35-00.png (123.82 KiB) Viewed 782 times
JPRose97 wrote:Base: Special Bay
Base Color: Mahogany
Mane & Tail: Regular long mane & tail
Mane & Tail Color: Midnight
Accessories: Unicorn Horn
Accessories Color: Midnight (can I have a slightly lighter outline?)
Markings: lava tiger stripes
Markings Color: lapis **** can the outline of the stripes be arctic?****
Name of Breed: the Knighting
Name of "Creator" (Aka. you): Justine Jenness
Do you want me to record while creating it?: Yes please
Other: If it is possible can you make the lava tiger stripes look like they are glowing, and can the eye be white (also like it is glowing)? If you can that would be great :) Thank you ^^
Do you want Alex to make you a signature of this horse? If yes, look at post #3:

Would you like to pick the lineart?: Yes
If yes, then put link to lineart here: ... 78729&qo=1
Saying/Phrase to go on signature: Not knigting a knight, but knighting the King of Night
Is the intentional male or female?: Male
Would you like me to record the making of the intentional Signature?: Yes please :)
Additional Information: can the "ground" below the horse be like mirrorring water and the background be black?
New Order Form:
Base: Ghost
Base Color: Cherry
Mane and Tail: Peacock set
Mane and Tail Color: Same color as it normally is (that pretty blue)
Accessories: Unicorn Horn
Accessories Color: Can I have the color go from black at the base, then fade through to cobalt and then arctic at the tip? Like a gradient, more or less!
Markings: Lava tiger stripes, Pandora face markings (can I have just the face without the socks?)
Markings Color: Stripes-Cobalt with Arctic outline (same as they were on the one before, just with these colors)
Skins: Texture 25%
Skins Color: White
Order of Markings and Skin: Skin, Lava tiger stripes, Pandora facial marking
Name of "Creator": Justine Jenness
Name of Breed: The Knighting
Other: Lava tiger stripes glowing and the glowing eye (just have the eye be glowing cobalt/arctic. Starting darker with cobalt on outer edges and glowing arctic towards the middle/center) just as before.

I'm challenging ya with this one Cam :) I know you can do I though! :lol: I have no doubt you'll nail the vision perfectly and make is super gorgeous <3

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Intentional Workshop wrote:
draco572 wrote:Its #18 the Midnight Beauty :D
It should be do-able :) I'll work on it sometime soon!
Can I get the racing gif of the one I designed before? It is the 20th one :D
Thank you Alyssa for the amazing Signature!
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