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This is the new pricing guide for HA 3D. I will try to make it shorter than the other one because I realized when reading it over again....that it's boring :lol:

Bottom line:
A horse is worth what the average buyer is willing to pay for it. This changes (sometimes daily), but what does not change are the basic makeups for what makes a good horse. Most horses range in price from 500k (500,000) to 100 mil (100,000,000). The market is starting to even out some and you will see that horses that are priced over 100 mil are either very GOOD horses, or they are sitting there for several days and no one is buying them. The following features can be used to determine more accurately the value of a horse.

If everything else is the same (same lvl, talents, placement, age, brand) a "rare" horse will always be worth more than a regular horse. We will tackle pricing for breeds later.

Regular Horses
Horse that do not need breeding vitamins to create (by breeding a lvl 5 or higher stallion with a lvl 5 or higher under age 14 mare) are called regular horses. They come in many colors and can have overlay patterns. When you visit a horse in the stable, check the "Appearance" tab to see what options you have. Be careful! If you have a rare horse and you change it's appearance, it will not be a rare anymore, and it may not be possible to change it back.

Generally speaking Regular horses sell on the market around these prices:

lvl 10 or below 9 talents or below: 1-400,000
lvl 10 or below 10 talents: 100,000-600,000
lvl 10 or below 11 talents: 500,000- 1 mil
lvl 5 or below 12 talents: 900,000- 3 mil

The price range is because of other factors that effect the quality of the horse. The exact price of a horse will depend on where the talent points are placed, what kind of personality it has, and its age. Horses that have 10 talent points or more are worth more the higher they are leveled (especially after level 10). The price ranges greatly depending on where the extra talent points (from leveling) are placed, as well as the personality of the horse.

Talent point placement depends on the type of personality the horse has. (this is under the "PERSONALITY/TALENTS" tab after you select a specific horse from your horses tab, or when you visit a horse in it's stable)
GENERALLY speaking, at least 2 talents in the first 3 boxes (super speed, acceleration, distance runner) are the most important. However, if your horse as a Big Racer/unpredictable/jumper personality, Control talents and Big Racer are very desirable because that would make it a Championship potential winner horse.
Keep in mind, some talent point placements go better with certain personalities than others (like the example above), but these are general opinions and you can discover what people like by experimenting.
What's important to remember is that"Extreme" personalities are considered better than "middle" personalities.
An extreme personality is when a personality trait (flat track bully/big racer, unpredictable/professional, stubborn/adaptable, jumper/flat runner, chaser/front runner) is way over to the left or right of your screen (towards one of the traits). You'll notice when you breed a foal, it gives you percents. I personally consider a trait to be extreme if the trait is at 95% or higher. Max personality trait is when a trait is at 100%.

The more talents a horse has and the more extreme its personality traits are, the higher priced the horse will be.
Female horses generally sell for a bit more than stallions because of the Stud Market.

Currently, different breeds (rares/reward horses/old HA reel horses) sell for very different prices. Generally speaking:
A breed is worth more if there are less than 200 in the game.
A breed is worth more if it is high level and has breeder or Big Racer talent points and matching extreme personality traits.
A breed is worth more if it has been leveled for breeding (level 30 or higher with 3 talent points in Top Breeder)
Rare breeds that are lvl 30 or higher with 11-12 born talents and 3 talents in top breeder can range from 100 mil to 600 mil depending on personality. Lvl 50 or higher can go up to a billion or more if the horse was born with 11-12 talents and has 3 talents in breeder.

Special Breeds (rares that people bred using vitamins, or reward horses that were bought with Academy Dollars/Loyalty Points) with 10tp or more talent points can go anywhere from 5 mil to 500 mil. However, the number of talent points and the placement of these talents can really change the price. For example:
A Tiger horse that has an "extreme perso", 12 talent points at lvl 1 (meaning its a 12tp born) would be worth around 100m-300m depending on its personality
A Tiger horse that as a "middle perso", and lvl 1 with 3 talent points would be worth almost nothing (maybe 1-2 mil).

Reward horses are usually worth slightly more because they can not be created through breeding. Horses won through the raffle are extremely valuable (billions of dollars, tho usually owners of these horses will only sell for AD through the game creator). However, brand new breeds(rares) tend to sell well because not everyone has the horses required to breed them when they first come out.

Breeds that are over lvl 40 "may" (depends on perso and talents again!) be worth Academy Dollars. But since these are not very common transactions, the buyer and seller typically determine the amount that they are both happy with. AD transactions are via Andrew (game creator) only, and must be a minimum of 50 AD that were purchased within the past 24 hours.

The END lol.
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Helpful. :) -tags-

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Generally speaking Regular horses sell on the market around these prices:
lvl 10 or below 9 talents or below: 1-400,000
lvl 10 or below 10 talents: 100,000-600,000
lvl 10 or below 11 talents: 500,000- 1 mil
lvl 5 or below 12 talents: 900,000- 3 mil
I can't speak for rares per say (I don't actively breed them yet)

But for Regulars I use this rule of thumb:
  • Every HA3D horse has base value of $100,00 per level (Sell to Academy/Donate) regardless of number of TPs
    (Level 1 = $100,000 <-> Level 10 = $1,000,000 <-> etc & so on)
Talent stars (personally) are worth $10k - $100k each to me :geek: I "figure" the value of the born TP depends on where it is placed = lower value on less influence or non-matching talent and vice-versa =)
Trainer $100k per level upto Lvl20 /usually <1day/
(higher levels also / will trade for horses)

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That is a nice rule of thumb. Every horse and every buyer is different, so an exact pricing module may not work for horses on the market. An easy "general" pricing guideline for regular horses is included in the guide so that players can have realistic expectations when buying and selling; and personal preference isn't taken into account. Having your own rule of thumb is a great idea and everyone should definitely try to come up with their own rules that match their own personal preferences.

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