Mods? What are they? How can I be one?

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**Moderators ** (aka Mods)

Mods are volunteers who have been chosen by the Admin to enforce the Rules, to keep Chat running smoothly, the Forums peaceful, answer questions and to help where they can. While respecting that there are differing points of view, the Mods must keep the peace with the overall Goal of member enjoyment in mind. Not everyone will agree with how this is achieved, feeling that their 'rights' have been abused. Remember, playing the Game and using the Chat are a privilege, not a right ;)

Offering to HELP others when there are no Mods available, or if any present Mods are busy, is greatly appreciated. Being a rule Nazi or mini-modding (especially when there is a Mod in the room), is not okay!

Please keep in mind that the Moderators are Volunteers and are also Player-Members. They are usually in Main Chat ( with names in Blue, and can write in COLOUR!), or can be reached by a Private Message (PM) here on the boards (look for the green names!).

How do you become a Moderator? The answer is not simple. It is a process involving the other Mods and the Admin/Creator of the Game.

Qualifications include being over the age of 18, having a calm and good attitude, working well with people, being trustworthy, and abiding by the rules. This is only a part of what is looked for in a good Mod. There must be a need for a Mod in your timezone.

People who repeatedly ask about becoming a Mod are not chosen.

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