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Horse Academy Forums has many many topics where you can find answers to nearly any question. There are also many wonderful Members who will help you if at all possible. Horse Academy has become a Family, and is waiting to welcome you with open arms :)


This is a PG-13 Game, and this will be enforced in the Forums as well.

First and Foremost: Any member who posts anything which causes purposeful disruption, even while technically following the rules, can be removed either temporarily or permanently from the game and/or the forums for the good of the other members. This includes, but is not limited to, a consistent negative attitude about the game, the creator, the mods, or its membership.

Be kind in your responses to posts; you were new once too!


Graphics: Please read this post.

General formats of a post (like a stud book) cannot be copyrighted.
General rules for a competition cannot be copyrighted.
General ideas cannot be copyrighted.

That being said, if you DO get your formatting, rules, or ideas from someone elses hard work, it is considered courteous to give them an acknowledgment in your post. As we are a family, please be as kind as you would like to be treated. (Karma!)

No Swearing.
This includes attempts to swear by using space between letters, using ***'s, using initials, or alternate spellings.

No Spamming
Spam is posting something unrelated to the purpose of a topic.
Moderators will decide what is spam at their discretion, and may remove such posts without warning.

Religion or Politics
No topics on either of these subjects will be allowed on the Forums. There are other forums where you can discuss these subjects if that's what you enjoy.

Outside Links
Outside links are not allowed, with the exception in Off Topic (for general links) or in Graphics (for art- related posts). This is to protect the integrity of our PG-13 rating, as we cannot guarantee the content of any posted links. We reserve the right to remove any and all links posted by a member if it is deemed non-PG-13, without warning.

No outside links are allowed in your signatures.

We have also made the decision that "Join Me" and other similar program links can no longer be posted on the forums.

Youth Pills can be advertised for sale or to buy in the Market Place. We strongly advise you use caution when having people youth for you, as it is easy to be scammed and lose a horse or money. You cannot sell or give vitamins to anyone.

Disrespect/Harassment/Rude Messages

If you have a problem with someone who is sending private messages or posting unkind remarks in your topics, please use the Report buttons. The report button is located top right on a post or PM, and is the upside down triangle with a red !

Fortunately, most of our Members are kind and generous people. :)

------>If you are unclear about any rule, please private message (PM) a Moderator. On the forums, they can be found by clicking on "The Team" at the very bottom of the page. You are responsible for knowing and following these Rules, as you agreed to them when making an account on these forums.

As with any Rules, ignorance is not an acceptable excuse.

If you choose to break the Rules you may banned from using the forums, from a few days to permanently. If you are banned from the game, expect to be banned from the forums as well!

Remember, in the end, this really, truly, is just a game.
As attached as we get to the horses, they aren't real. New ones can be as exciting and awesome as the one aging in your barn.
Getting money might be fun, but you can't cash out at the end of the day. You can always earn more!
Enjoy your Game, and let others enjoy theirs. Please be courteous to all others, have fun, and keep it within the Rules.
The Rules are not here to prevent you having fun, they are here to ensure the fun for everyone, and the success of the Game.

The above Rules are based on the ones written by Jen Kiss, as edited by Barbara Russell Handwork, with permission from the Admin. Thank you.

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