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Sun Sep 19, 2010 5:08 am

This is to address the issue of the overly large signature banners that have been being used for awhile now.

1. Banners must not be larger than 350x600 pixels, if you currently use a banner that is larger than that please edit it so it's within the rules. If you have a banner in your signature you will only be allowed two lines of default sized font to keep the size of the signatures to an acceptable level.

2. No text (excluding banners) should be larger than size 200 on the forum. Any font larger than this will be reduced to the appropriate level by the Moderators without notice.

3. No block capitals (excluding Brands in your banner).

4. If your signature contains just text please use no more than 5 lines.

5. External links placed in the banners must be appropriate and relevant and no affiliate or referral links will be allowed.

6. No excessive use of colour. For example having every other word in your signature a different colour would be considered unacceptable. Please use common sense when using colour.

7. No animated GIF images or videos are allowed in signatures - or anything that moves (including sparkles or glittery animations) as these take far to long for those without high speed access to load.

So what can you do if you find a signature that's unnacceptable?

Please report the post that has an unacceptable signature and make sure to add in the report that it is a signature-related report and the Mods will handle it from there.

If you're using an unacceptable signature what will the consequences be?

The first offense will be an official forum warning and you will be asked to immediately edit you signature.

If you then change it back or break the signature rules again you will be sent a 2nd warning and banned from forum use for 1 day.

If you then break the rules after you're allowed to use your signature once again you will receive a 1 week ban from the forum and lose your right to use your signature permanently.

These rules are subject to change at any time by any of the game staff. Check back every so often to keep up to date on all forum rules. All forum Mods will now be enforcing these rules.

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Wed Oct 31, 2012 4:25 pm


There are many many of you with more than one banner in your signatures, which are much more than the total size we've requested. Remember, just because ONE banner or pic is within the size limits, doesn't mean you can have both. Two banners = twice the size.

Please start adjusting your sigs to meet the above rules, so we don't have to start sending warning and/or banning from the forums

We really hate to do that, plus it means more work for us!!

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