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A picture is worth a thousand words:

------>You may have followed a Link here when you enter Chat. Welcome to the Forums! If you are unclear about a certain rule, please ask a Moderator. They are the ones who write in colour, and who's names appears blue in the chat list.

Let's face it. No one wants to read all of this! But if you want to get along, and not have any issues with the PTB (powers that be), you should take a look!

(As with any Rules, ignorance is not an acceptable excuse to disobey, as there are warnings given in most cases)

There are a few things which will NOT be compromised. If you break any of the following rules, based on the guidelines given to the mods by the owner, you may be subject to an immediate 24 hour ban from chat with no warnings. Repeat offenders may be permanently banned from the game and the forums.

1- No swearing. No Dating, no over the top sex talk. This is a PG-13 rated game. Remember, PG-13! (think the first 2-3 seasons of The Simpson's)

2- No Bullying. This will not be tolerated for any reason. This includes harassment, posts aimed to cause a fight or obviously to hurt a person. Take your bad day out of chat!

3- No discussion or referring to Religion or Politics.

4- No Outside Links. None.
-The only exceptions are links back to the HA Forums, the HA Community page or to the HA Blog

5- No cloning, hacking, using or discussing game 'cheats'. This is not only disrespectful to the game and it's creator, but also illegal!

-This also includes taking exorbitant advantage of a game glitch which allows you to gain items which otherwise would mean real money for the owner. Expect a permanent ban.

6- No asking for personal information, such as address, phone numbers, age etc. Protect yourself by not answering these requests!

7- No advertising for other games, especially those in clear competition with Horse Academy.

Next are a few "rules" are open to the Moderator's interpretation. These are based on respect for the rest of the people in the Chat Rooms. Anything which disrupts the flow of the chat can, and will, cause a mod to step in. Our actions are based on experience and multiple discussions with Andrew, the owner of the game.

****We will not spell out every single thing here. Take our word for it, and please listen! Most of the following is based on respect of other members. ****

Begging – It's ok to occasionally and politely ask for some help with cash or cheap horses. Do it too often, or repeatedly, and it becomes disruptive.

Chat tools – Chat tools have been provided to allow you to have an enjoyable experience in game. Mute allows you to mute a chat user so you cant see their posts. Auto Ignore will prevent a user from sending you future trade requests. Both of these can be reversed if you wish to engage with the user again.

Flooding and Spam is disruptive.
What is spam? In chat, this is posting ads over and over too often, or multiple posts on random issues (including song lyrics) which disrupts the chat.

What is flooding? Any post, which is simply made of nonsense, random letters or multiple symbols. Also included in flooding are multiple posts that are obviously made to disrupt other people's Chat. (click here for examples)

If you are actually saying something, especially in a slow chat, more than a few posts in a row is not flooding, unless you are obviously trying to disrupt chat.

Why do you care if we use a lot of caps,(aka capital letters?)
In the world of Chats, Forum posts, and Social Networking, using all capitalized letters IS SHOUTING AT PEOPLE! 
Therefore, as we want to promote respect, all caps is not allowed. However, using a couple of words in full caps per post is acceptable to gain attention (as long as you don't get carried away :P )

Language - English is the preferred language for Chat. As the majority of the Moderators and Players do not speak languages other than English this allows us to ensure the safety of our members and that rules are not being violated.

While it is not our intention to monitor every posting, we reserve the right to remove any user who violates our site rules or whom we otherwise determine is inappropriate for any reason. Removal may involve permanent or temporary bans from chat or the entire game for any or all associated accounts.

What is a Mod?


Enjoy your Game, and let others enjoy theirs. Please be courteous to all others, have fun(!!!), and keep it within the Rules.

Posts: 316
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Renewed and Revised and Simplified :)

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