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How do you improve performance in time trials?

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A horses performance in Time Trials depends on its personality, talent points and talent point placement

The best personality for Time Trials are Flat Track Bullies; the heavier they are (the further to the left the circle is on the top bar) the better they are!
You also have to take into account whether they are Jumpers or Flat Racers. If the Time Trial has Jumps in it, a Flat Racer won't do very well as it's not their speciality, whereas the Jumpers will :)
Horses with a Front Runner personality also do best in champs as they prefer staying at the front of the pack, meaning they can run with other horses and alone; whereas a Chaser prefers staying behind the pack for a while, and when there isn't any horses to stay behind, it lags the pace :)
And lastly, you must also take the tp amount and tp placement into consideration. The more talent point a horse has, the better it is - they can be born with a maximum of 12, and will gain one every 5 levels. A Flat Track Bully should not have any Big Racer tps or Showjumper Tps (unless used exclusively for Showjumping events); it should also have tps in the boxes that factor it's speciality, e.g. tps in the Jumper box for Jumper personality horses, or All Terrain for Flat Runners. The other important boxes are Super Speed, Higher Acceleration, Distance Runner, Fast Finisher and Controlability :)

So lets say you're doing a 500m Jump Time Trial - the best horse for that would have the following information
Flat Track Bully personality
Jumper personality
Front Runner personality
And then 2-3 tps in: Super Speed, Higher Acceleration, Distance Runner, Fast Finisher, Jumper and Controlability!

The jockey also matters; you can check how good they are at the different things under the Jockey tab :) Some jockeys can also give your horse a speed boost in the first, middle or third half of a race :)

I hope this helped!

~ Cam
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It did thank you so so much!

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