New to HA3D =)

Welcome to the forums! Feel free to introduce yourself to everyone.
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Sun Jun 25, 2017 5:21 pm

....................So I am properly posting a short intro! ;)

I found HA3D while browsing for horse breeding apps (iOS/Android) in May '17. So I downloaded it and almost immediately quit :P It was not the "type" of breeding I was *exactly* looking for (prefer less puzzles, lol), but I got intrigued enough about the other activities with your pixel ponies that I tried some racing and fell in love with Show Jumping!
The GOALS totally got me to stay w/o those, I wouldn't have, honestly.
Then I discovered you could change your horse's appearance and I was hooked!
Then I discovered Trade! lol and so the story goes :D

I had some great early mentors who definitely keep newbs in the game! Shout Out Diane (jnd) & Laura (Wolf) =) Arrow & ~APEX were also very influential and I consider them good HA friends! =D

My persona preference is: I definitely fell in love with the BR persona =) I still don't like unpredictable, even though I understand it's "advantage" ;) (100% Prof) And whether it's live or not (Adaptable) I ♥ Jumper Front Runner all the way :P

I do occasionally have training openings, but they fill quickly! And sometimes I'm working on my own prospects =D

I can't wait to meet new friends on HA3D!
Trainer $100k per level upto Lvl20 /usually <1day/
(higher levels also / will trade for horses)

I ♥ the Pintos! Looking For -> Frame Overo, Toffee Tobiano, Tobiano, Purple Pinto, Splashed Blue, all others!

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