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Mon Jan 02, 2017 10:28 pm

Man, it's been four years since I last logged into Horse Academy, and seven since I started playing! Looks like a lot has changed! I'm not even sure if anybody here remembers me! :lol: I made a lot of my first online friends here at HA, and whether you joined me in my venture of creating my own websites or not, I wanted to pop in and say hello to you all! Big thanks to AliciaNMoore for helping me retrieve my account information. <3 I stalked the forum for hours in attempt to locate what my username on here was - I looked through all the old threads that I *thought* I had commented on. Finally caught a glimpse of my familiar signature picture in the last pages of the General Discussion board! I'm kinda bummed - it looks as if they reset the game because I have lost all my precious horses and previously purchased buildings and what not. Looks like all I was left with was my money! Whatta shame. But hey, change is good, and maybe starting fresh would be my best bet! Not sure if I'm actually going to start playing again, especially since college is taking over my life. (By the way, I'm sure you'd all find it interesting that I ended up double-majoring in Equine Science and Management!) Anyway, how is everybody? Hopefully some of members I played with are still around?

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Welcome back!

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