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Tue Nov 17, 2015 3:36 am

So since new players tend to look here I figured I'd make one of these that actually has some details, because I'm always bored and this is giving me something to do for the next 20 minutes or so. So allow me to formally introduce myself.

Hello there, to all you new players, old players, and everywhere inbetween. My name is Alex Grace -SOUL, or at least that is my name in chat. Some of you odd fellows floating around this game probably know my actual name, maybe.

Anyway, for those of you who don't know me. I've been playing the game for about 4 years, give a take a year or so. Who knows. I joined forums about a year after I started playing the game, didn't know it existed until then. I have a bunch of small projects I started involving horse academy, because I have to much free time. So let me tell ya a bit about those.

First off, I started what I like to call the Horse Academy Signature Breed Book. Yes, that is a mouthful, I know. Basically what it is, is I plan to make a signature for every breed currently in the game. I have some of them already done, but there are a bunch of breeds that have been added to the game since I originally had the idea, so it will be a long time coming till I'm caught up. And the breed book will continue to be updated with the release of every new breed that is added the the game. The thread about the signature breed book can be found here: Signature Breed Book

Second, I am the creator of the Horse Academy Artists Group on FB. Some, not all of the artists here on forums who make signatures can join it, and get tips and other things to help improve their artwork, or just to talk to other fellow signature artists. The link about that can be found here: Horse Academy Artists Group

Finally, I am also the one who created a giant post with different things for Signature Artists, or artists in general, to help them find different things they needed to improve their art. Such as references, tutorials, etc, you name it. I did this because I remember how tiring it was starting off that search, so I figured I'd make it easier for everyone else, who also wants to make signatures. It's also a good idea, if you want to start making signatures yourself, to check out the thread to learn some things you might need to know about the whole Forums signature thing. The link to that thread can be found here: Alex's Giant Guide To Signatures

All 3 links listed above can also be found in my signature, which is attached to every post I make.

So now, a bit about my ingame self. I don't really play the game anymore, I usually just hang in chat and talk to the awesome people that I get along with. And if no Mods are around, or a Mod is there or busy, I'll usually try to help out a new player if they're asking questions about something. Unless someone else gets to them first, in which case I hang back and watch. I have a few horses that I keep on my ranch, usually just a few 12tp born regs of my brand that I work on whenever I get inspired to level a horse for more than 5 seconds.

My brand ingame is -SOUL , the reason I choose this brand was originally because at the time I was really into the anime Soul Eater. Then when I started making accounts different places, like Deviant art, and tumblr. I started calling myself Alex Soul. I finally came to realize that SOUL, wasn't just because I was into an anime, but because in whatever I do, whether it's art, a game, a conversation. I put my entire SOUL and being into it. Especially if it's a heated debate about something. And because I'm blunt and I'll tell ya what I want to say whether I think you'll want to hear it or not.

Something you should know about me, I can be really blunt. I don't like to beat around the bush and sugar coat anything. However, though I am blunt, I don't do it in a way where I'm trying to be mean or anything. If I'm talking to you, and I sound like I'm being mean or rude, I am not trying to be. I just tend to seem rather rude and sarcastic when I'm typing. 90% of the time I'm joking around trying to have a good time with some interesting conversation. The other 10% is when I'm having a heated debate of some sort or in a really bad mood.

For any new players, if you see me in chat, feel free to ask me any questions, anything at all. As I said before I don't really play the game, so my cash just stacks up, so if you want a horse an say you're like 10m sort, feel free to ask me for money, if I have it I will give it to you. However, I will only do that for new players who are still trying to get on their feet and learn how to play the game, new players who I give money to aren't expected to pay me back, you guys are cool. If you're a friend and you borrow like 500+ I will not lone it you unless I know you'll pay me back. But if it's like 100m or lower you don't have to pay me back. And if in the long run you forget you borrowed money and don't pay me back it's cool, i'm not going to scream and cry over some lost pixels that went to buying more pixels. I'll move on.

God I typed a lot. Never seen an introduction with this much in it. Does this make me stand out? Or is it just cause I like typing? Who knows, I sure as heck don't.

So yeah, that's all I have to say. Any questions feel free to ask. I'm usually always online, so if you need anything PM me. I don't usually have anything important to do.

Peace Potato Peoples

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