Ready to become a horse training legend in Horse Academy? Create and run your ideal ranch. Breed, train and compete with your dream horses against amazing people from around the world!


Horse Academy is home to 3D real time 8 player multiplayer racing! Control your jockey to run the perfect race. Push too soon and your horse will run out of stamina push too late and you might be beat to the finish line, judge the race perfectly and outwit your opponents to become the winner! There are many different races to compete in with all kinds of distances and surfaces to master with your horses, some horses will excel at certain races than others depending on their talents and personality.


Join a 64 player Championship, race through the heats and become a true champion of Horse Academy to win big prizes! Like with races there are many different types of Championships to compete in - Championships that specialise in jump races, short flat races, long distance races etc Find the right type of Championship for the best chance of success with your horse!


Showjumping is a new addition to the Horse Academy universe. Speed round the course without incurring any penalties for knocking jumps to post a great time that others will not be able to beat! Too fast and you may not be able to control the jump, too slow and may not be able to set a fast enough time!


Horse Academy has an incredibly deep breeding system with over 450 breeds to own in the game. Every horse is completely unique and is influenced by the genetics of it's parents, so make deals with other players in the game to breed with the most successful horses! Every horse has its own talents and personality - does your Horse thrive at the big events or on a quiet track, take the lead or stay in the pack, is your horse at home on the flats or does it love to jump? Prove yourself to be an incredible horse owner by breeding a best of breed!


Create your very own dream ranch, build the perfect conditions to raise thoroughbred horses! There are over 10 different stables to unlock and build - from basic stables with no comfort for your horses to vast luxurious stables that your horses will adore! Fill your ranch with paddocks to help your horses relax and recover after races and training buildings to get them into the best possible shape before up coming events and decorate your ranch to attract the highest calibre of jockeys!


The very best feature of Horse Academy is the people that play it. Horse Academy is home to a friendly and passionate horse loving community. Join the in game chat and make new lifelong horse loving friends! Take part in private races with friends, chat with friends, quizzes and talk to Andrew and Jon - the developers!


In Horse Academy you can buy and sell horses to other players in the community. You can create your own brand which will let every player in the game know which horses were bred by you. Take care to breed and sell the very best horses to put your brand in the very best light and become famous in the game for excellence!